Number One Watch

28 Dec 2013

The rankings began life over 20 years ago in Brass Band World magazine.  The early years were dominated by the great Fairey band under Major Peter Parkes / James Gourlay but since then, the 'start of year' top band honour has been shared around a bit.

Cory will start a calendar year as the number one band for the fourth time, having remained top of the table for the whole of 2013 - the first band to top the rankings throughout a calendar year since Fairey in 1998. All previous 'start of year' top bands are as follows:

1992 Foden's
1993 Fairey
1994 Fairey
1995 Fairey
1996 Black Dyke
1997 Fairey
1998 Fairey
1999 Fairey
2000 Foden's
2001 Foden's
2002 Yorkshire Building Society
2003 Foden's
2004 Fairey
2005 Cory
2006 Cory
2007 Black Dyke
2008 Grimethorpe
2009 Grimethorpe
2010 Black Dyke
2011 Brighouse & Rastrick
2012 Brighouse & Rastrick
2013 Cory
2014 Cory