Butlins Mineworkers (4th section)

Date: 14 Jan 2017
Venue: Butlins Skyline Resort, Skegness
Adjudicator(s): Major Paul Norley, Brett Baker

Pos Band Conductor Draw
1 Crystal Palace Mike Gray 7
Music from Kantara (Kenneth Downie)
2 BMP Europe Goodshaw Joshua Hughes 8
Chorale Variations (Jan de Haan)
3 Sherwood Forest Brass Christine Lippeatt 1
Partita (Edward Gregson)
4 Woodbridge Excelsior Chris Lewis-Garnham 6
Lucid Perspectives (Paul McGhee)
5 Syston Chris Banks 10
A Malvern Suite (Philip Sparke)
6 Banovallum Brass (Horncastle) Steve Ingham 4
Saint-Saëns Variations (Philip Sparke)
7 Sale Brass Alan Seymour 9
A Malvern Suite (Philip Sparke)
8 Great Yarmouth Brass Colin Swaep 5
The Dark Side of the Moon (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
9 Whitwell Brass Ryan Stacey 11
The Haslemere Suite (Peter Graham)
10 Thurcroft Welfare Matthew Wright 3
Saint-Saëns Variations (Philip Sparke)
11 Kirkby Colliery Welfare Neville Buxton 2
A Malvern Suite (Philip Sparke)

Highest placed mining band: Sherwood Forest Brass