Top contests in 2009

12 Dec 2009

Now that the dust has settled on the contesting calendar for 2009 we can look back and list the top contests of the year in terms of 'strength of field' (as measured by the BrassStats rankings system).

The top contests in 2009, with contest 'rating' in brackets, were as follows:

1.  British Open (1094), won by Cory
2.  National Final (966), won by Black Dyke
3.  Brass in Concert (784), won by Foden's
4.  English National (725), won by Black Dyke
5.  All England International Masters (552), won by Foden's
6.  Yorkshire Area (538), won by Rothwell Temperance
7.  Grand Shield (520), won by Rothwell Temperance
8.  Butlins Mineworkers (370), won by Redbridge Brass
9.  North West Area (303), won by Foden's
10. European Championship (293), won by Cory

There was a total of 40 'ranking contests' during 2009.