Most successful conductors at the 'areas'

25 Mar 2015

The 'Prof' is catching the 'Major' on two fronts!  Firstly, a 26th top section area title means that Professor Nicholas Childs is now just four behind Major Peter Parkes in the overall wins table.  However, his win with Whitburn this year was also his 7th Scottish title and that is just one behind the record mark set by the Major in his successful period (also with Whitburn) in the 1980s-1990s.

Professor Garry Cutt once again expressed his love for the Blackpool air with an 8th win in his last ten appearances at the North West area!  Garry joins Melvin White with 12 top section title wins.  Russell Gray won with Reg Vardy for the 3rd time, his 11th title overall with six different bands!

The list of conductors with at least 10 top-section titles is now as follows:

30 wins - Major Peter Parkes
26 - Professor Nicholas Childs
16 - Harry Mortimer, Walter Hargreaves
15 - Howard Snell
13 - Alex Mortimer
12 - Melvin White, Professor Garry Cutt
11 - Eric Ball, Stanley Boddington, Dr Robert Childs, Russell Gray
10 - Dr Keith Wilkinson, Richard Evans

The other five winning conductors this year have a bit to go to join the '10 or more' club but Paul Holland is worthy of special mention as he achieved the relatively rare feat of winning his 5th title with the same band (Flowers).

 5 - Paul Holland
 3 - Phillip McCann, Philip Harper
 2 - Adam Cooke
 1 - Chris King