Euro Brass (B group)

Date: 4 Jun 2011
Venue: De Lawei Theatre, Drachten, Netherlands
Adjudicator(s): Simone Rebello, Jan van der Roost

Pos Band Conductor Draw Points
1 Brass Band Oefening en Uitspanning Anno Appelo 93 Flag
The Forest of Dean (Variations on a Theme of Herbert Howells) (Derek Bourgeois)
2 Brass Band Heman Sietse Hamersma 91 Flag
The Year of the Dragon (Philip Sparke)
3 Delta Brass Zeeland Luc Vertommen 89 Flag
Prisms (Peter Graham)
4 Brass Band Excelsior (Ferwert) Herman Sibma 88 Flag
The King of Elfland's Daughter (Rodney Newton)
5 Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkerk B Bienze IJlstra 86 Flag
Renaissance (Peter Graham)
5 Regional Brass Band De Spijkerpakkenband Thijs Oud 86 Flag
A London Overture (Philip Sparke)
7 Veluwe Brass Kees Kramer 85 Flag
Renaissance (Peter Graham)
8 Brass a Musica Michael Dils 84 Flag
Music for the Common Man (Kenneth Downie)
9 Jersey Premier Brass Tim Pritchard 83 Flag
The Torchbearer - Symphonic Variations on a theme by Eric Ball (Peter Graham)

De Bazuin B penalised 1 point for being over time limit

Each band played a programme including the compulsory work, Glory Fanfare (Otto M Schwarz), and an own choice test piece

Best performance of compulsory work: Brass Band Oefening en Uitspanning

Best soloist: Margreta Kuipers (flugel horn, Brass Band Heman)
Best euphonium/baritone section: Brass Band Heman