World Music Contest (Championship division)

Date: 30 Jun & 1 Jul 2001
Venue: Rodahal, Kerkrade
Adjudicator(s): Pierre Kuijpers, Markus S Bach, James Curnow, Dr Roy Newsome, Jan van der Roost
Test piece: A Tribute to Henk Badings (Rob Goorhuis)

Pos Band Conductor Test Piece Entertainment Total
Draw Points Pos Draw Points Pos points
1 Krohnengen Brass Band Ray Farr 94.0 Flag
2 Brass Band Willebroek Frans Violet 94.0 Flag
3 Point of Ayr Thomas Wyss 89.5 Flag
4 Soli Brass Piet Groeneveld 87.5 Flag
5 Desford Colliery Major Peter Parkes 87.5 Flag
6 Brass Band Schoonhoven A Anno Appelo 87.0 Flag
7 Brass Band Normandie   84.0 Flag