Band of the Year 2010

7 Jan 2011

4barsrest recently announced that Tredegar has been voted as their band of the year for 2010, closely followed by Fairey and Brighouse.  This result is mirrored in the underlying ranking points earned for 2010!

An alternative ranking may be obtained by considering brassstats ranking points earned solely in 2010, instead of 2008-2010, and stripping out the divisor that determines the points average.  This clearly favours band that contest more than others (or those that are most successful in the biggest events) but it could be argued that it produces an equally valid ranking.

On this aggregate points method, the top 10 bands are:

1.  Tredegar (675.35 weighted points)
2.  Fairey (Geneva) (618.09)
3.  Brighouse & Rastrick (447.74)
4.  Foden's (375.86)
5.  Cory (374.81)
6.  Rothwell Temperance (362.43)
7.  Black Dyke (338.37)
8.  Leyland (284.73)
9.  Grimethorpe Colliery (265.15)
10. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery (233.83)

Same ten bands as those at the top of the current ranking but a quite different order!