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Top contests in 2016

31 Dec 2016

Here is a list of the top contests of 2016, measured in terms of 'strength of field' (using the BrassStats rankings system).  All ranking contests are categorised in accordance with the quality (and to an extent, quantity) of the bands taking part, with each contest allocated a category from 1 (weakest) to 20 (strongest).

There were 88 so-called 'ranking' contests in 2016 and this is the top-20:

1.  British Open (20), won by Cory
1.  National Championship (20), won by Cory
3.  European Championship (18), won by Cory
5.  Brass in Concert (16), won by Cory
6.  Yorkshire Area (15), won by Black Dyke
7.  Scottish Open (14), won by Whitburn
8.  North West Area (13), won by Foden's
9.  Butlins Mineworkers (13), won by Flowers
11. Welsh Area (12), won by Tredegar
13. West of England Area (11), won by Flowers
16. Senior Cup (11), won by Rainford
19. Midlands Area (10), won by Virtuosi GUS