Year Winning band Conductor Draw Points
2024 Brass Band Treize Etoiles Frédéric Théodoloz 5/6 193 flag
A Road Less Travelled By (Philip Sparke)
Karma, Concerto No 20 for Brass Band (Ludovic Neurohr)
2023 Brass Band Treize Etoiles Frédéric Théodoloz 12/7 194 flag
Aurora (Joel Thoor Engström)
Sand and Stars (Thierry Deleruyelle)
2022 Cory Philip Harper 11/6 192 flag
Saints Triumphant (Philip Wilby)
No Man's Land (Thierry Deleruyelle)
2019 Cory Philip Harper 12/12 193 flag
Dear Cassandra, Concerto No 14 for Brass Band (Ludovic Neurohr)
Explorers on the Moon (Paul Raphael)
2018 Valaisia Brass Band Arsène Duc 4/12 195 flag
Time for Outrage! (Marco Pütz arr Paul McGhee)
The Turing Test (Simon Dobson)
2017 Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Ingar Heine Bergby 10/9 193 flag
Where Angels Fly (Kevin Houben)
Fraternity (Thierry Deleruyelle)
2016 Cory Philip Harper 8/8 197 flag
Fraternity (Thierry Deleruyelle)
Raveling, Unraveling - In Search of La Valse (Philip Sparke)
2015 Black Dyke Professor Nicholas J Childs 4/4 194 flag
The God Particle, Op 87 (Rolf Rudin)
Metropolis 1927 (Peter Graham)
2014 Brass Band Bürgermusik Luzern Michael Bach 4/11 193 flag
Muckle Flugga (Rory Boyle)
REM-scapes (Thomas Doss)
2013 Cory Philip Harper 5/2 191 flag
Myth Forest (Hestefalltjønn) (Stig Nordhagen)
Perihelion - Closer to the Sun (Philip Sparke)
2012 Black Dyke Dr Nicholas J Childs 8/2 195 flag
Vita Aeterna Variations (Alexander Comitas)
Revelation (Philip Wilby)
2011 Manger Musikklag Peter Sebastian Szilvay 7/6 191 flag
Audivi Media Nocte (Oliver Waespi)
Old Licks Bluesed Up (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)
2010 Cory Dr Robert Childs 6/5 196 flag
Spiriti (Thomas Doss)
A Tale as Yet Untold (Philip Sparke)
2009 Cory Dr Robert Childs 8/4 196 flag
From Ancient Times (Jan Van der Roost)
On the Shoulders of Giants (Peter Graham)
2008 Cory Dr Robert Childs 10/10 194 flag
Brass Blot (Håkon Berge)
Music for Battle Creek (Philip Sparke)
2007 Brass Band Willebroek Frans Violet 7/12 192 flag
Elgar Variations (Martin Ellerby)
Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke)
2006 Brass Band Willebroek Frans Violet 7/10 191 flag
Seascapes with High Cliffs (Ian Wilson)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Peter Graham)
2005 Black Dyke Dr Nicholas J Childs 4/7 194 flag
Extreme Make-over (Johan de Meij)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Peter Graham)
2004 Yorkshire Building Society Professor David King 8/7 195 flag
St Magnus (Kenneth Downie)
Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke)
2003 Yorkshire Building Society Dr David King 7/2 193 flag
Aubade - Dawn Songs of the Fabulous Birds (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)
Concerto Grosso for Brass Band (Derek Bourgeois)
2002 Yorkshire Building Society David King 10/8 196 flag
Chain (Piet Swerts)
Concerto Grosso for Brass Band (Derek Bourgeois)
2001 Yorkshire Building Society David King 5/5 191 flag
Montreux Wind Dances (Carl Rütti)
Montage (Peter Graham)
2000 Yorkshire Building Society David King 4/11 195 flag
Tallis Variations (Philip Sparke)
...Dove Descending (Philip Wilby)
1999 Yorkshire Building Society David King 7/7 190 flag
Odyssey (Kevin Norbury)
Harmony Music (Philip Sparke)
1998 Brighouse & Rastrick Allan Withington 12/9 190 flag
Burlesque for Brass Band (Rob Goorhuis)
Contest Music (Wilfred Heaton)
1997 Yorkshire Building Society David King 9/11 190 flag
Salamander (John McCabe)
Pageantry (Herbert Howells)
1996 Yorkshire Building Society David King 1/1 193 flag
Seid - Version A (Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen)
Revelation (Philip Wilby)
1995 Black Dyke Mills James Watson 10/10 193 flag
Red Earth (Roland Wiltgen)
Variations on an Enigma (Philip Sparke)
1994 Williams Fairey Engineering Major Peter Parkes 6/7 191 flag
Le Chant de l'Alpe (Jean Balissat)
Masquerade (Philip Wilby)
1993 Brass Band Willebroek Frans Violet 3/8 191 flag
Sounds (John Golland)
Variations on an Enigma (Philip Sparke)
1992 Britannia Building Society Howard Snell 4/8 193 flag
Five Blooms in a Welsh Garden (Gareth Wood)
The Year of the Dragon (Philip Sparke)
1991 John Foster & Sons Black Dyke Mills David King 7/2 193 flag
A London Overture (Philip Sparke)
Diversions on a Bass Theme (George Lloyd)
1990 John Foster & Sons Black Dyke Mills David King 12/6 198 flag
The Essence of Time (Peter Graham)
Harmony Music (Philip Sparke)
1989 Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Howard Snell 4/6 190 flag
Trittico (James Curnow)
Variations on an Enigma (Philip Sparke)
1988 Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Howard Snell 10/8 192 flag
Connotations (Edward Gregson)
Variations on an Enigma (Philip Sparke)
1987 John Foster & Sons Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 9/8 195 flag
Frontier! (Michael Ball)
Contest Music (Wilfred Heaton)
1986 Desford Colliery Dowty Howard Snell 8/2 196 flag
The Year of the Dragon (Philip Sparke)
Daphnis et Chloé (Second Suite) (Maurice Ravel arr Howard Snell)
1985 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 1/8 189 flag
Royal Parks (George Lloyd)
Volcano (Robert Simpson)
1984 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 4/13 195 flag
Refrains and Cadenzas (Thomas Wilson)
Blitz (Derek Bourgeois)
1983 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 7/6 192 flag
Ciacona Seria (Henk Badings)
An Epic Symphony (Percy Fletcher)
1982 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 11/10 195 flag
Journey Into Freedom (Eric Ball)
Pageantry (Herbert Howells)
1981 Brighouse & Rastrick James Scott 9 177 flag
Caliban - Scherzo Malevolo, Op 50 (Arthur Butterworth)
Fantasy for Brass Band, Op 114a (Malcolm Arnold)
1980 Cory Denzil Stephens 2/3 181 flag
The Land of the Long, White Cloud (Philip Sparke)
Triumphant Rhapsody (Gilbert Vinter)
1979 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 1/10 191 flag
Symphonic Music (Paul Huber)
John O'Gaunt (Gilbert Vinter)
1978 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 13/10 191 flag
Introduction, Elegy and Caprice (Morley Calvert)
Connotations (Edward Gregson)