Year Winning band Conductor Draw Points
2023 Wellington Brass David Bremner 8 245.5 flag
Concerto No 1 for Brass Band (Derek Bourgeois)
Audivi Media Nocte (Oliver Waespi)
2022 Wellington Brass David Bremner 1 235.0 flag
Heroes (Bruce Broughton)
Fraternity (Thierry Deleruyelle)
2021 Wellington Brass David Bremner 9 234.0 flag
Of Men and Mountains (Edward Gregson)
Revelation (Philip Wilby)
2019 Wellington Brass David Bremner 1 241.0 flag
Variations on a Ninth (Gilbert Vinter)
Titan's Progress (Hermann Pallhuber)
2018 Wellington Brass Nigel Seaman 10 242.5 flag
The 39th Parallel (Peter Graham)
Perihelion - Closer to the Sun (Philip Sparke)
2017 Brisbane Excelsior Howard Taylor 2 236.5 flag
Journey of the Lone Wolf (Simon Dobson)
From Ancient Times (Jan Van der Roost)
2016 Wellington Brass David Bremner 5 239.0 flag
Of Distant Memories (Music in an Olden Style) (Edward Gregson)
The Triumph of Time (Peter Graham)
2015 Wellington Brass David Bremner 6 236.0 flag
Vita Aeterna Variations (Alexander Comitas)
Extreme Make-over (Johan de Meij)
2014 Wellington Brass David Bremner 10 385.0 flag
On Alderley Edge (Peter Graham)
Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke)
2013 Wellington Brass David Bremner 7 384.0 flag
The Promised Land (Kenneth Downie)
Revelation (Philip Wilby)
2012 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman 7 386.0 flag
Breath of Souls (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
From Ancient Times (Jan Van der Roost)
2011 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman 9 375.0 flag
Les Préludes (Franz Liszt arr Bram Gay)
Red Priest (Philip Wilby)
2010 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman 9 391.0 flag
The Torchbearer - Symphonic Variations on a theme by Eric Ball (Peter Graham)
On the Shoulders of Giants (Peter Graham)
2009 Woolston Brass Graham Hickman 4 385.0 flag
Paganini Variations (Philip Wilby)
Dreams (Bertrand Moren)
2008 Brisbane Excelsior Howard Taylor 387.0 flag
Ballet for Band (Joseph Horovitz)
Harmony Music (Philip Sparke)
2007 Brisbane Excelsior Howard Taylor 9 381.0 flag
Concerto No 1 for Brass Band (Derek Bourgeois)
Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke)
2006 Woolston Brass David Gallaher 389.0 flag
Between the Moon and Mexico (Philip Sparke)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Peter Graham)
2005 Göteborg Brass Band Bengt Eklund 435.0 flag
St Magnus (Kenneth Downie)
Les Préludes (Franz Liszt arr Bram Gay)